Fluksometer v3E

€169,40 incl VAT

To start monitoring your electricity, water and gas consumption, you will require a Fluksometer. This device is meant to be installed near your fuse box. It determines your total electricity consumption from a current clamp attached to each of the phases of your electrical system. The Fluksometer associates with your home wifi network and reports the measurements at five minute intervals to the Flukso web server. The server stores the time series data, which can then be consulted via the web interface. When logged in, the website displays a personalised chart similar to the live chart shown on our home page. You're able to select different time scales, add or remove other Fluksonians' data sets to the chart and change the chart's unit. Flukso thus helps you visualise and compare your household's energy streams.

More detailed technical information can be found in the Fluksometer Manual.

Important note: The current clamps are sold as a separate items in the shop. Depending on the number of phases, you will need to purchase one or three current clamps. For residential use, the 50A current clamps should suffice.

Price: €169,40 incl VAT