3 Phase output very high

Running flukso now for about 3 years.
Till yesterday, I had just 2 clamps on my 3Phase Without Null, connected to Fluksometer v2b.
I used F1 & F3 for my house, F2 & F3 for my garage. The clamps were on F1 & F2.
This gave me a nice view on the house (0.5K avarage) and the garage (1K average).

But I want to use PV in the future, and thought to install a new clamp on F3. What I did.
I've put in the Flukso config the power towards 3Phase, which moved my graph from 2 to 1.
But when I check now my graphs of the last 12 hours, I've got an average of 4K. What sounds a lot to me, no?
Following ENI (power regulator), I've got a yearly consumption of about 9000 KwH.

What do you think of this? Are my reading a bit off? And if so, what could be wrong?

ps the 9000KwH are to much (reason for a PV installation), but can be understandable. Continue Server/POE switch for HA and videosurveillance, Fish pond, Aquarium, Terrarium... But I thought it would be more around +/- 1500KwH?

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What new clamp type did you use for PV on the Flukso v2b ?
The old model or the new one for Flukso v3 ?

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The PV's aren't in the loop yet.
So for the moment, it should just measure the usage of 3 phase without N.

I've bought the original fluksometer in 2014. (FLM02B ?)
And the new clamp last month 2017. (FLS06-50 ?)

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Nota bene: The new clamps do not work with the old FLMs; they have a different impedance (this should be made more obvious in the shop; there have been some discussions on that already :-/)

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Mitigation would be to calculate a voltage divider fitting to the "old" impedance values that was 1k91 for a 6k8 Ohms clamp - target is to bring the output voltage of the clamp into the range of 0-1V1 of the internal ADC. Ask the electric engineering guy or gal of your confidence... @icarus75 :-)

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I was afraid that this was the case. :$

I'll contact flukso to get a solution.
But if it's an easy fix with fe a resistance (faster for me, cheaper for everyone...), let me know...

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All FLS06-xxx SKU's in the web shop come with a clear note stating that these clamps are not compatible with the Fluksometer v1 or v2. The reason behind the switch is that we take into account cos phi and current harmonics for the FLM03's CT calculations . The FLS01-xxx series clamps have an internal rectifier which makes them unfit as a front-end to the FLM03 metrology block.

@OnIrIa: I'll propose a solution in my reply to your email.