3 Phase usage

From the manual:

Select the number of phases that apply for your current clamp setup. When
selecting 3 phases, the three current clamp ports will be grouped and presented
as a single sensor #1. Sensors #2 and #3 will be disabled automatically after

What does "Sensors #2 and #3 will be disabled automatically" mean? After saving I can still enable/disable them. It seems that only sensor #1 is measured with 3 phases selected.
I'm using Google Chrome.

Regards, Hans

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I believe Bart is working on a fix with the new firmware. If you contact them he can make the changes so that all three sensors will aggregate to the one total. He's just this for a customer of mine who wanted to monitor his 3 phase to PV Output

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Bart is from Flukso and is very helpfull.

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@DriekdeGadgetfreak Your FLM is running v216. The bug referred to by rsproxto only applies to r223. So just configure the FLM in 3-phase mode. The readings on all three analog ports will then be mapped to a single sensor.

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@icarus75: it's not my FLM, but of a customer (FL03000213)...
What about sensors 2 and 3: enable or disable?

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That one is running r216 as well, so the same comment applies.