6-position screw terminal

All pending and future Fluksometer orders during our beta phase will be made with a 6-position screw terminal block. A single-phase Fluksometer will thus be able to read out two independent current clamps and one digital S0-type pulse output. A pulse output is present on most DIN-rail based kWh energy meters. If such an energy meter has a constant of 1000imp/kWh or 1 pulse per watthour, then it can be directly connected to the Fluksometer. The clamps need to connect to positions 1(+)/2(-) and 3(+)/4(-), the pulse output to positions 5(+)/6(-).

A three-phase Fluksometer with a 6-position connector will have its clamps connected in series. So clamp 1 will be on positions 1(+)/2(-), clamp 2 on 2(+)/3(-) and clamp 3 on 3(+)/4(-). Positions 5(+)/6(-) are again reserved for attaching a pulse output to the Fluksometer.

We currently only activate the 'main' input in the Flukso database. So either a single clamp (1-phase) or three clamps in series (3-phase). If you wish to experiment with additional inputs, let us know and we'll enable them in the database.

Note: This is not an April fools' joke!


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Out of curiosity, what is the difference between a 1 and 3-phase Fluksometer at the board level, now that the external block can always carry the 3 clamps input?

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Note that for a 3-phase Fluksometer, we chain the three clamps in series. This results in a different impedance level compared to the 1-phase setup. On sensor board level, the clamps are then connected to a different input to match the clamps' specific impedance.

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Hi Bart,

It is also possible to process an analog input and two inputs with the S0 Flukso? I have two PV systems and would like the power of the two PV systems with the S0 inputs and the total current in parallel with the analog input record.

Best Regards, Heinz