Add support for "wired ethernet only" networks

In our cellar (where the "fusebox lives") there is no wifi. I was a bit sad to find out that the web-gui (luci) is very "basic". Now I'm trying to set the fluksometer up with wired-ethernet-only" on the cli. If I do find out how to do this I will report back.

ps: maybe the little swich on the side could be used to switch between wifi for internet accces-wired-ethernet for configuration and wired-ethernet-for-everything?

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Hi amwasser,

I've created a patch against the default configuration files on the Fluksometer. Running the following batch of commands should give you a Fluksometer with the ethernet port configured to connect to a wired LAN in DHCP mode and the wifi interface disabled:

  1. icarus75@cirrus:~$ ssh root@
  2. root@ password: root
  4. root@flukso:~# cd /tmp
  5. root@flukso:/tmp# wget ''
  6. root@flukso:/tmp# cd /etc/config
  7. root@flukso:/etc/config# patch -p1 < /tmp/connect.via.ethernet.patch

or bundled into a single command:

  1. ssh root@ "cd /tmp; wget ''; cd /etc/config; patch -p1 < /tmp/connect.via.ethernet.patch"

Pushing the reset button on the Fluksometer will load the new network configuration settings. The device will now try to obtain its IP configuration via DHCP on the ethernet port. To ssh into the Fluksometer or connect to the web interface, you'll have to find the IP address assigned to the Fluksometer by your local DHCP server.

Should you want to revert the changes, just run the patch command with the -R switch:

  1. ssh root@ "cd /tmp; wget ''/connect.via.ethernet.patch; cd /etc/config; patch -p1 -R < /tmp/connect.via.ethernet.patch"

We've tried to keep the web interface as simple as possible on purpose. We are using this device as a wifi client, so setting it up should be as straightforward as configuring wifi on a PC. We could indeed use the switch on the side to toggle between both modes. I'm just wondering how much confusion this would cause when the switch is (accidentally) put in the wrong position.


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Hello icarus75
the patch works beautyfully. thank you very much!
as the fluksometer did not have internet acces at the time I was doing this change I had to scp the patch over form my computer.

  1. amwasser@laptop:~$ wget ''
  2. amwasser@laptop:~$ scp connect.via.ethernet.patch
  3. and then ssh'ing into to apply the patch.

I also found that for my network configurations the following steps are nessecary
1) set mtu to 1492
  1. root@flukso: uci set network.lan.mtu=1492

2) disable explicit congestion notification (ecn) by changing /etc/sysctl.conf to contain:

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perhaps an automated check during boot could be done
eg is there a dhcp on the LAN...
if so perhaps use that...
if not use wifi?

and yes the selector is a nice idea if it had correct naming like "use wifi, lan, ..."

now I was more thinking on "router"

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I'm trying both the full steps, as the steps outlined in one line... but I always get theses errors :

patch: hunk #1 FAILED at 12
patch: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED
patching file network
patch: hunk #1 FAILED at 7
patch: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED
patching file wireless
patch: hunk #1 FAILED at 5
patch: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED

It downloads however, like it should... and I tried to disable wifi by not typing any info into the wifi-field, which also seemed to work (once).
Because I was a bit worried about an empty SSID, might send unencrypted - I tried this script but witht he above errors.

I have tried to reset it back to - but then the script also fails... (my network lies in the 172.16.x.x range)

Any clues ?

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I couldn't reset - so I copied /rom/etc/config/firewall /rom/etc/config/network /rom/etc/config/wireless to /etc/config

reboot command

and then I retried the script from above, now it processes just fine, and it works.

so it looks you better do not enter the gui, and change stuff (because afterwards the script generated some errors - and rendered the device in-usable (it didn't upload graph data nomore))...

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Hi Michel,

Thanks for the workaround. I think changing and committing settings via the GUI causes tabs to be replaced by spaces in the /etc/config files (or the other way round). The patch will then not apply cleanly anymore.


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I want to use my flukso on lan (cable) to.
So i have patched the flukso using the script.
But i get the list of errors (same as some post above).
So i tried the solution with making a copy of the 3 files and reboot afterwards. Than i ran the patch again but the tmp patch file was gone.
So i have reconected the flukso to wifi to get internet access to download the file.
After that i got one error and rebooter the device. But since then i am nog able to reconect to the flukso using my laptop and the ip to connect with ssh. Also the flukso doesn't work on my network (connected to my router - not in dhcp list).

I tried the reset button, but this doesn't solve my problem.
So i can't reach the flukso anymore.

Also i don't understand how i can run the patch without having wifi conection on the flukso. The ssh commands needs to download the patch file.

Is there anyone that can help me to get my flukso up and running on LAN, and can help me to ran the patch without internet access on the flukso.

Thanks very much.