Android Flukso Viz alpha release.
This will install a Flukso Viz app.

This is an absolute work in progress, with plenty of bugs but I look for a volunteer to test it.

Should work with 3 phase Flukso setup. Will crash with 1 phase setup or lack of IP on the device (no wifi) Only tested on 480x800 resolution, and android 2.2 tablet. Month data is not displayed as I only own a flukso for 2 weeks and it didn't gather enough data to let me debug it.

Implemented features are:
-taping a realtime graph will change amount of the details displayed
-taping the large readout will enter the DeltaMode. Takes a total usage in the last second and subtracts it from. Useful for checking power of a particular light or device.
-The Today/Week table is self explanatory and the percentage sign on the end is a difference to the day/week before.
-For Today power consumed you might see a large number (that might change quickly) just past midnight as this is 24h power use extrapolated value based on the average power from midnight till now.


Sample installation video:

Source code released under GPLv3:

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i tried this new version (2 sensors :1 usage and 2 solar)but it crashes immediatly if i click"run just local"
If i click "run both threads" i see graphs for 4 seconds and crashes also.

The previous version worked well if i used "run just local" and crashed by "run both threads"

i use it on my samsung gio 2.3.4

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That is realy weird. It shouldnt crash on the local tread imediately if it manages to display it on both threads as run both does runs local thread first. So they should behave exactly the same.
What is the tests window status for all sensors?
What is the screen res on that device?

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Same issue as Bart sadly.
All sensors OK and 3 disabled.
Also pref only shows sum not difference

Bazzle (Australia)

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screen resolution 480x320

and like Bazzle says pref only shows sum not difference

But great work so far, i like the app very much (if it works :-) )

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OK, replicated crash and found a bug in the low_res layout. fixed.

As for the new sensor logic, it is not there yet, I just made some coding preparations to include it in future versions. I need your feedback what setup is most common. Is that 2 sensors one mains one solar? what do you want to show as the main readout? a diffrence 1-2? and also for the graph do you want to show just sensor1 - sensor2 or both sensors and 3 line for nett usage? Should i treat the second sensor as negative. and display it below zero on the scale?

Here in Northen Europe everyone has 3 phases and that's it. Solar power is not existing.

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here in europe you have 1 phase or 3 phase... "mains"
and you can have 1 pulse input from "solar"

with a v1 device you can only get these stats from the flukso server online
with a v2 device you can get these stats locally from the device if you have local wifi access

a v1 device can have 1...3 clamps and 1 pulse input
a v2 device can have 1...3 clamps and upto 2 pulse inputs (2 solar converters? or a solar and water/gas meter?)

there are also people that monitor their mains with a "pulse" instead of clamps if they have such a digital meter...

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I use 1 clamp for the "mains" and 1 pulse input for "Solar".
So it would be nice if i could see 2 graphs. (sensor 1 and sensor 2)
I use a v2 Flukso

But like Skynetbbs says are there several setups

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in my setup of 3 analoge clamps and 1 solar pulse input...
I have only 2 sensor id's...the 3 clamps are "combined" as one "mains" sensor -> 1 graph
and the solar input is one graph...

and personally i draw both on 1 image:
it's reading out the server by API ... (i still have a flukso v1)

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Working again on Local, many thanks. (run both threads still crashes :( )
With the graphs, one option is to show both as positve.
One for mains, one for solar.
No point in adding (sum) as currently.
That would be an option for 3 phase users.
Also if the large display numbers could be one size smaller and the input numbers on the right one size larger it would be a better look on my 480/320 Wildfire S.

Many thanks for your efforts :)
Cheers Bazzle

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All working (both graphs :) )

Firstly I removed batt from phone as it wouldnt go to sleep properly after running ap ?

Then later today I couldnt get onto Flukso website where the graphs are (about 17:00 local time Oz.)
Site eventually came up....

Retried app on phone... voila :)

No idea why etc etc

Now to get diff options for single phase and solar :)

2. Difference to show how much is being exported after local use.

Do you have a paypal addy for donations?

Thanks Bazzle

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this is a great app, i am a flukso user since early 2010.
I have some questions about compatibility, because the app always crashes on my Acer iconia a500 tab and on my HTC Desire S.
My Flukso is v1.2 with 3 phases and only accessible via wifi. I think it doesn't have the API Feature, because your app crashes with an Apache access error on That might happen because nothing is on Port 8080. But i also get no Data from the flukso Webserver (i put the tokens in the preferences under Sensor 1 by copy & paste).

Can i use the app with my old flukso, without local API?

@Bart: is it possible to update my flukso or do i have to buy a new one?

Grettings and keep up your great work


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@Johannes, AFAIK you need the new flukso to have make it work. I only have flukso for a 6 weeks so not sure if v1 has api. but in v2 you have a tick in the flukso web manager to enable it. It is most likely you need a new box to get realtime readout. also the app is designed in a way that it can run both graphs ( upper over local api and lower from or only the local one. But it is not possible to use it with only the remote thread as that would make litte sense. the data on the server arrive 5 minutes late.

@ bazzle FYI you can change in the preferences the currency from PLN to $ if you wish. In a couple of days i'll try to include a new mode for the solar folks.

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Thanks, the solar folks will be very happy ;-)

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Thanks Sherlock! this new version works with the patched flukso.

The Squeezebox runs busybox linux with some kind of applet framework: .

The reason I am interested in the SB solution is that my motivation is to minimize power use, an Android tablet always on would not help.. My SB touch is always on.

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Interesting, can only run Local again.
When I try to Run Both Threads it says 'App stopped unexpectedly'.

Cant make it run whatever I try :(


Edit: went in and out of Prog a dozen times and its come up again !!


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Flukso Viz works perfect on my HTC Desire S in local mode. I have a Flukso v2 and use 3 phases with 3 analoge sensor clamps.

However, my Flukso is not registered with, but I take part in the German MySmartGrid project ( and so my Flukso reports to

I decompiled the .apk file with APKTool to see if I can find a link like "" and change it to "". However, I can't find anything like "" in the files of the LoopExample.apk.

Where does the App get the values in the lower graph from?
Where is the address for the flukso server API?

Would be great if ony could modify the App for


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@buzzw So the squeezebox is running lua scripts. you would need to rewrite the whole app that is now in Java, and that is a major task as I do use the external lib for the nice dynamic plots. Without plots that is doable. I'll measure my cheapo tablet but it should not be more then 5W so the consumption is negligible.

Learning Lua is on my list as it is the language that is used by the Vera line of the z-wave home automation controllers that I want to use for the managing the lights.

@bazzle I see that my app does crashes over night but, This migh be related to bad internet connection or the api server being down. To be honest the api server is sometimes down by 10-20 minutes.

@udo, you did not find the substring as i call the ip server by its IP ( to make it faster, and that is hardcoded now. if is runnig the same API syntax in the next version i can add the selection of the api server this should not be to hard. No prob. is it runnig on the port 8443 and not the normal https?

udosw's picture

I think it's probably the same API, and it connects to (and not the normal https).
I found the IP in you sources and modified it, built the apk file, but it won't install. I have no experience yet with programming APKs.
If you provide a selection, that would be great, and I'll be happy to test it.

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New version available.

-new setting in the prefs allows setting an alternative api server, not tested (I dont have a way to do it) but should be ok if the german server api is the same.

-preliminary support for solar setups 2 sensors. main readout is a diffrence of sensor1 - sensor2. Graph shows values for both sensors and and 3rd line is diffrence in BOLD. Works in only in LOCAL mode only. Lower graph not programed yet. Will crash if you try both graphs when the solar sensor configuration is selected.

Nice output from the solars:) and it looks your from Melbourne, my girlfriend is from Melbourne :)

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I just loaded a new version that will work with both threads in 2 sensor solar setup.

The lower graph will be loaded with the line that is a difrence of sensor1 - sensor2
There is room for improvement here by adding individual solar and mains lines in the bottom graph as well. Do you want them?

All the stats also reflect a nett usage (mains - solar).
On the other hand It would be hard to add the individual readouts, as there is no more space on the screen. What do you think?

bazzle's picture


Working OK here so far. Thanks :) Your other options need some more time to think about.

There is one small issue. Ive just swapped my Solar sensor to a pulsed type. Reads OK on Flukso site but on your graph the reading drops out every 5 seconds for 1 second.

Any chance of reducing the font size of the main numerical display>
It overrides the smaller numbers on the right on my 480x320.

Bazzle (Ringwood North, Melb)

Edit: The Run both threads works off and on too :)
2 graphs shown.
Then it crashes on either setting, Connect timeout exception: Connect to / timed out.
Sometimes takes ages to get either to reboot ..

sherlock's picture

Ok download a new version, took a moment to optimize for a small screen. Unfortunately the simulator in the Eclipse is often quite off compared to the real device. It would be great if you could provide also a screen shot after you tap the upper graph, when small phases readouts are visible, Also if possible run Android System Info apk to read me the exact dpi seting your device reports.

As for the drops every 5 seconds. are those drops just on the end of the graph? and then they fix themself? or the are persistent and travel down the realtime graph?

bazzle's picture

When the bottom graph works its upside down (cant get any of the graphs to run today :( to give you a screen pic)


sherlock's picture

What do you mean by up side down? As he flukso is measuring the power use, so all the solar input (sensor2) is ploted as negative values as this is generated power. So the graph can sometimes (and that is GOOD) for you be in negative values.

I do not know why the lower graph might not work always on your device? On my tablet it is very reliable now.

1) I would check if the internet connection is realiable on the phone.
2) Download one of the apps that clears the memory on android. It can be put on the desktopso you can clear the running process and free memory before running the FluksoVIZ. See if that helps in getting reliability up. My tablet has 256 Mb of ram and only 40 Mbps free after booting.

bartvdg's picture

On my samsung gio it's working perfect now. No more crashes and both graphs do their work.I use advanced task killer to get more memory. On my chinese 7" tablet it's not working :-). It crashes immediatly(it's an android 2.2 but i upgraded to firmware Uberoid v10.1)

Great work Sherlock!

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OK so bottom graph ok.
Is the top one correct?

Snapshot of figures read off graph.

Sensor 1 shows power used.
1 sensor enabled, graph on +ve side 410w

2 sensors enabled sum 1 + 2 (sens 1 +410w, sensor 2 +1320w solar)
Large display flashes between +410w and +1730w, sum.
Both on +ve side of graph.

2 sensors enabled diff 1-2 (sens 1 -410w, sensor 2 +1320w solar)
Large display flashes between -410w and +910, diff.

Yellow line at -ve side of graph shows constant -410w
(bottom small numbers -410w)
Thin green line at top of graph shows +1320w
(middle small numbers +1320w)
Thick green line shows constant approx +910w

I take it then that the top one is the other way around to show solar output?
At night he top graphs shows neg ie: -565w below the line (consumption)
0 = Solar

Thanks Bazzle

sherlock's picture

Yep there was an error there, I was coding that 2 days apart and the sensor i assumed for a solar graph was diffrent on the upper and lower graphs.

To make it final the sensor2 is solar and it should be yelow on the upper graph.

Get the new version that fixes that.

And I understand that the second screen shows the "jumps to zero" issue? This is known probkem with the flukso device. Over api it returns last 60sec of the results but often last 1 or 2 seconds are 0 value. So I discard last 2 values and graph only 58 seconds to avoide 0 readouts for the phases. The downpoint of such a solution is that the graph is delayed by 2 seconds. Apparently in your setup quite often the flukso returns last 3 or 4 zero values. I will try to add some preference checkbox for such a case to add extra delay but at least graph will be nice.

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Very nice and useful app, but I have a small problem. After starting the app, the today kw/h starts always with 20kw/h instead with 0 kw/h, even if I start the app short after midnight. Any idea where this 20 kw/h are coming from and how I can start with 0 kw/h.
This happen on different devices.
Thank you for help