Belgian P1 / DSRM5 / Sagemcom S211 - T211-D Smart Meter

Has somebody already activated a Flukso V2B or Flukso V3 on his Belgian Smart Meter on the P1 port ?
The port is activated by the netsupplier.

Only I don't see any output on the console / dashboard.
Even after a factory reset.

I used following layout
(P1) --> no cable
(P2) --> 6a
(P3) --> 5-
(P4) --> not connected
(P5) --> 6b
(P6) --> no cable

More info:

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Same here.
Everything is connected to my 2B, but no data is coming in.
The meter is using DSMR 5.0.2 P1, whereas flukso uses 4.4 i believe.