Bidgely support?

Just wondering if anybody has gotten access to the Bidgely upload api yet? Seems like a very cool tool to analyse consumption and it should have an open API, however I am yet to find anything about it. Have contacted bidgely for access so if I hear anything I will let you know.

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Just got a reply that the API will be launched in two weeks.

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Just got hooked up with my Currentcost. Looks promising. Free app! A bit too americanized. Interesting to see how the analytics will work.

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Now, I'm curious. Perhaps it's a good idea for as many as possible Fluksonians to register on the Bidgely site just to let them know their effort will yield results. - JG

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...then we will have to probably register to any platform popping up there in the world; what I read from the bidgely web site they tend to earn some money with that service...
I must admit that I am fully pleased with what the website offers; just tried and it gives not that much extra info. So, why move away from! Maybe we should foster the community and offer some more gadgets for ourselves...
Just my two cents

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Yes, you're right about It gives the most up-to-date and complete information in real time. The 'minute' tab plus water and gas consumption are certainly most valuable.

But one could consider PVoutput and Bidgely also as belonging to an energy conscious community. They only present the data in other - sometimes more pleasing - ways and combine these with other data e.g. from a weather station (my case). So, there is absolutely no need to move away from

If Bidgely manages to extract individual device consumption from the aggregated Flukso data that would be a bonus, no doubt.

However, the latter seems a case of 'wait and see'. If a human - knowing his or her electrical appliances - already has some difficulty to determine how much each device consumes, how would a computer algoritm pull this off? Some scepticism is called for.

Thanks for reading. Very welcome. - Jos

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Good, solid points made. I agree that offers the best data experience, but I have given my improvement suggestions here. Then, perhaps we turn to other services like pvoutput and bidgely becuase of their free native apps and added user experience. I have paid for a couple of Iphone apps (FluksoMeter and PVMobile) and neither of them matches value for money. Unfortunately I haven't tried the native Android app, but it looks better than the ios version I have tried.
Perhaps there are quite a few of us that would spend a euro or two if apps and services match our preferences. I think this is the benefit of it that anyone can build their unique service based on the data available.

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Exactly, not spending the money, but programming it yourself ;-)

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Hi guys :-)

I just noted that bidgely had nice methods to shape and analyze the data (and possibly recognize appliances). I did not mean to put down the features at all, just looking at different possibilities. To me this was one of the highlights of the fact of flukso: it being an open design, making it possible to use the data in any way. is very nice as well and allows for good opportunities to further extract and analyze data.

I will wait for the API to open and report back to you guys what I find out / how we might connect to it (for those who are interested).

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Bidgely looks like an interesting service. I see they already have a number of energy monitors supported (TED 5000, Wattvision, Youless, Digitalstorm) so I sent them an email asking about Flukso.

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Here is an answer from Bidgely. I'm not proficient enough to understand so anybody who is willing to shed some light on this, is very very welcome.

Hi Jos,

Flukso does not support Bidgely. We have a open API available for firmware developers to integrate with Bidgely. We expose a REST based API for devices to send data.

If you or anyone else is working on a patch to support Bidgely we would be glad to provide any help with the APIs.

Bidgely Support
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On Dec 8, 2013 at 9:02 pm jos wrote:

Any news about this? Thank you - Jos Gysenbergs, Belgium

On Dec 1, 2013 at 12:13 am jos wrote:

I'm trying to connect to a Flukso ( but no luck ... Any tips? Thanks - Jos

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So Bidgely are saying they need our Flukso devices to be modified to send data to them, following the specification they've set out below.

Seems rather sparse to me. I also note that Bidgely's FAQ say they're only doing appliance-level monitoring for the US and New Zealand - I'm in Australia. Without the cool appliance magic, I don't see any extra benefit over what we have now.


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The rest of the world doesnt recognise Australia since The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series, only New Zealand as being "down under"