Cannot get readings on my new Flukso

Pfttt ... I thought installing a flukso was a walk in the park as ITPro ... man I was wrong . Couldn't get the globe to come on , until I changed the ntp server to use instead of the default configured value.

After 4 h of searching , that was the root cause ( flukso - You could do a better job here )

Now I see my device online and the sensors in my page , however I can't get data to show up in the dashboard . I have no clue what's wrong . I clearly see in the mqtt data being collected .

Can someone shine a light in the dark ?


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There seems currently a server issue preventing any readings to be shown... Thus, stay tuned and don't give up too fast ;-)

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By the way: The ntp daemon heads for the standard openwrt pool (see /etc/config/system or the process overview), so this has nothing to do with the flukso by itself...

  1. /usr/sbin/ntpd -n -p -p -p ...

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Thank you for the answer ... And I don't want to say flukso is bad in any way , just something that can be improved as a first experience for telenet customers ... very frustrating as things are sometimes not plug and play.

Stupid of Telenet not to open ntp on port 123 ( what could go wrong here :-( ), but flukso could add the telenet timeserver in 1 of the 4 entries as this is a major provider on Belgium .

I am an ITPro ( windows ) . Linux is my dark side of things :-) Got putty skills now :-)

Please let me know when the backend is up and running again ..


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@KennyBuntinx Not sure why the outgoing NTP port would be blocked by your provider. I'm using the same ISP and never experienced any issues. Corporate firewalls OTOH tend to just block every outgoing port, except for HTTP(S) traffic. We'll update the docs with the list of TCP/UDP ports required by the FLM.

The server issue has been solved.


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Hey bart ,

I see some readings now in the dashboard . Pretty quick response and thanks !