cannot login / cannot reset to default firmware


I have issues logging into flukso v3. While on the login page and input default user and password nothing happens.
When going to other pages like status, several error messages apear.

I have sucessfuly logged in via sseh root/root default login credentialts.

While trying to reset the unit to default firmware (pushbutton pressed for 120 sec and reboot) still same thing happens.

I have used several browser on different devices and clearing cache but same result.

I have tried to login via LAN cable on and on WAN cable via DHCP alocated IP...same issues.

What can be the issue ?
How can I put the firmware to default ?

my device serial is FL08000322.


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Finally managed to reset it. All sensors and lan/wan cables have to be disconnected then reset works. With all connected there was no way to reset.