connect to a hidden wlan

For my home installation, I would like to connect my FLMv2 to my neighbour's WLAN (don't ask why, but take my word for it: with his consent). Basically, I can't change his network configuration. He has a hidden ESSID (which he of course told me), and no encryption.
Since adding the essid in the FLM front-end didn't work, I edited the /etc/config/wireless configuration file and set "hidden" to "1". Restarted the network with /etc/init.d/network restart... unfortunately to no avail.
Does anyone have such a setup & get this to work?

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See for other options... (most below section Tips->wpa_supplicant with hidden APs and virtual APs (VAP)" - didn't try it myself)
Rgds, Markus

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Thanks for the tip. I followed the bug report and solution over here: This does solve some of the problems: the essid is now set correctly to the hidden essid, but it is not yet associating with the wireless. I plan to further work on this, and report back a solution (well hopefully ;)