connecting an old fluksometer


a very, very long time ago I got a fluksometer (second hand).
I would like to install it, but when i go to the website it tells me the serial number is invalid.

the serial number is like WA97xxxxxx (x is a single digit)
the model name is WAP2102

what to do??

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Having a similar problem.

I have been asked to look at a Model FLM02A that an acquaintance had been given as a possible replacement for his bricked Flukso (lights on but no body at home).

I have found the two plug packs he had both seem to be faulty but the Flukso powers up and appears to work with my generic Jaycar replacement.

I can login locally but it is not syncing with the server.

I attempted to add it to my account but receive the invalid serial number message.

In hind sight (as I am typing this) I realise that it has possibly been added to the original owner account and my acquaintance will need to ask the original owner to remove it from his account.

Is it possible to get the serial number link removed if it is not possible to contact the original owner?


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I was right, a device can be added only once and needs to be removed before it can be added to a different account.

The original owner still had access to their account, removed the device allowing me to add it to my account.

All fixed now.

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@fluksometer Your FLM01 was still associated with your old Flukso account. It should now show up under your new account.

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yeah. great I see it. thanks!

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one short extra question. I now do have solar panels. What does the output from this fluxometer represent? is it only the incoming power from the net, or also the amount I deliver to the net?
or with an example. if I currently use 1000 W, and the solar panels do 300 (he, just an example) will the fluxo register 700? Or what if I currently use 200, solar panels do 300, will the fluxo register -100? +100? 200?

- frans

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The FLM01 does not sample the line voltage so it cannot distinguish between consumption and injection. The new FLM03 can measure bidirectional energy flow.