Correct registration consumption with solar panels

When my solar panels are generating electricity it's registrated as consumption.
How should I configure the flukso when elektricity consumption can be both postive and negative?
I can also see the electricity of my solar panels seperately with an additional clamp.
It would be nice to have some kind of manual for persons using solar panels in combination with the Flukso.

Any manuals that can be suggested for reading available.
The forum makes it very difficult to find topics on this issue. Would it be possible to add a search option in it?


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Solar clamp goes to the input from panels.
Consumption clamp goes to the feed to the main switch from the loads.
You need to seperate the 2 before the main switch so you dont read the solar input added to the loads.
It really is the job for an electrician.

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Thanks for replying.
They are both seperated. I have noticed that on my device I can see both positive and negative values. Nagative values are seen when the PV is generating more elektricity compaired to what I consume. But in the Dash on those negative values are not shown.

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Nota bene: FLM03 and FLM02 differ in the way on how clamp readings are evaluated; thus the previous issue with FLM02 clamps and bad power factor is no issue with an FLM03. So, please always indicate with respect to which version of the Fluksometer you state a certain impression.
Regardsless, IF you read three phases with clamps THEN there is only the option to add a pulse meter for reading additional solar power...