Couple of questions before I buy

I'm looking for something that can monitor gas and electricity, but importantly keep a full consumption log and comes with a phone app. Flukso seems to be just that.

My questions are:-

- Will Flukso provide a continuous log so I can keep an eye on my energy company's readings?
- What is the margin of error on Gas and Electricity readings?
- Is it compatible with a Schlumberger R5 gas meter?
- Can the iPhone app be used remotely, or will it only work inside my own network?
- Will it work properly in the United Kingdom?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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1/ What do you mean by 'continuous log'?
2/ Error margin depends on the type of sensor used. Gas/water probes and kWh DIN-rail meters have a high accuracy. The clamps offer easy, straightforward installation. Typical long-term deviation should be less than 10%. However, since cos phi is not taken into consideration, there are no strict guarantees.
3/ From [1]: The Schlumberger R5 meters have a reed switch internally and an RJ11 socket (telephone style jack) underneath the plastic index box to which you can connect a pulse counter - provided that it is intrinsically safe (cannot cause spark or temperature that could ignite a gas air mixture). . So you should be able to hook up the gas meter directly to one of the pulse ports.
4/ The site is a responsive design. It should work well on your mobile phone. Please note that we did not design any platform-specific app. The app you refer to is a third-party one.
5/ Fluksometers are up and running in the UK. We do ship the FLM's with EU-style pins on the plug. So you'll require a small pin adapter.