Dash hour vs day readings

On my first 24h that i have the FLM up and running, i see different readings in the dash when i compare day and hour. On the hour tab, when i pulled the left handle complete open to see 24h and i thought that it would be the same then the readings on the day tab. It is not the case, the piek consumpsion is lower then on the hour tab.
Why is that , this is like an lower resolution on day readings ? See also the 2 printscreens here:
Day: http://ubuntuone.com/3h3IdIgw4bTzUCbbUADLNo
Hour: http://ubuntuone.com/7aw4YfQtr66J7354dmbEo4

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This is a matter of the integration intervals; try it yourself sliding over the diagram. On day base you will get 15 minute intervals, on hour base around 5 minutes. So a higher peak on hour base middles out on day base, thus "seems" to get lower...

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Yes, i understand. On hour base i see 1 minute intervals, on day base 15 minutes indeed.