datasheet for current clamps

I would like some kind of information about the current clamp bandwidth.
I have a solar charger that switches current to batteries.
I would like to get the RMS value of that current and I am wondering if the current clamps can do that.
So if a datasheet exists, it would be nice to get it!
Thank you,

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Thank you for these useful datas.
I'm afraid I cannot rely on these clamps to mesure high frequency RMS values. I'm gonna give a try to hall effects current sensors.

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I may have to consider it, but a shunt resistor is not always an option as I'd like to monitor existing electric installations. A clamp is very handy and quick to install and remove on existing cables without modifying the wiring.

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That is actually why the FLM is a brilliant appliance :-) (if you use it within given parameters and possibilities)