digital watermeter in Belgium, etc.

Encoutered the digital water meter MULTICAL 21 Ultrason Kamstrup, DK, production site Belgium.
It looks like there is support for:
• Wireless M-Bus
• Wired M-Bus
• Sigfox
• Pulse Adapter
• GEO Display
Anything planned or availavle yet in Flukso v3, etc. ?
My current water meter is an analog one with optical reader connected to p5-p6
Sometimes it works, somethings it doesnt (bought in the UK a few months ago due to low battery)
Advice very welcome

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The fabulous features are locked down to the water company only, you get zilch. There is a way to get a magnet pulse: the Kamstrup Pulse Adapter is, if I'm not mistaken, article 66-99-021 and the cheapest I've seen is over €100 (!!). (a project ripe for hacking if I ever saw one..)

I've attempted to capture the sigfox data and in principle this should be possible, but there I stranded too since I don't know the exact frequency or time the daily packet is sent (and capturing broadband data for a whole day is a *LOT* of data and a needle in a haystack...)

My water company (water-link) does not even allow API access to the data, thus it's impossible to read your own info.
This kind of attitude makes me want to wrap the meter in foil (I just might!)

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(correcting myself: it's not a "magnet pulse", it's a pulse where an electrical contract closes, no magnets involved)