Distance of the clamps?

I'm looking to buy the new Flukso meter (my first one is having issues :$ ).
And the idea is to use 3 clamps (electricity, gas and water).

But my question now: my electrical cabinet is about 10m away from the water/gas meter.
So would it be a problem if the clamps (water/gas) are connected by a 10m long cable?

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No. You will be using pulse not clamps for water and gas.
Would be a good idea to get a din rail pulse kwh meter for electricity as well.

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Ok, pulse instead of clamps. Did give attention to that.

But my question remains, what's the maximum distance for the electrical wires... ;)

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Since my water meter was just too far away to attach the water meter probe nicely, I attached 3 meter of speaker wire, which is also nicely red/black, of 0,75mm² to it, and it works like a charm.
I attached both with a screw terminal (suikerklontje, lusterklem, kroontsteen). I also tried a "wago klem", but no version is suited for 0,75mm² wires.

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I can confirm, when you're using the sensor (1m cable?) with an ethernet cable of 10m, and you're using 2 pairs (1 pair for gas, 1 pair for water), this is working perfectly...

It's an old CAT5 (not shielded) cable to runs on the ceiling together with electricity wiring, speaker cables, through the electricity cabinet... I've solder the cables (sensor <> CAT5).
And no interference so far.