FLM03 500A current clamp

€72,60 incl VAT
SKU: FLS06-500

This FLM03 500A clamp is compatible with the Fluksometer v3 and can be attached to one of its three current clamp ports. Due to its split core design, the device can be clamped to your mains wiring within the fuse box without having to detach, cut or re-route the electrical system. The clamps function on the principle of induction. An air gap between the conductor and the clamp does not affect its measurement accuracy. The galvanic isolation and protection circuitry inside the clamp make the clamp's signal cable touch-safe. Depending on the number of phases in your electrical installation, you will need either a single or three current clamps.

safety notice: Only attach these clamps to a fully insulated wire!

note: The FLS06-xxx series current clamps are incompatible with the Fluksometer v1 or v2.

Price: €72,60 incl VAT