FLM2B keeps going offline

About a week ago I moved a bunch of devices into a new subnet and restarted my FLM2B to get it to move its IP address to that of the new subnet. Since then it's been bouncing offline and back online again several times a day as monitored by a Fingbox, which reports the Flukso disappearing from the network for awhile and then reappearing again. Before this it was stable for years. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this? I can't find any useful logs on the Flukso apart from the dmesg one which shows nothing out of the ordinary.

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Looks like I can't delete a topic once posted, but I've figured it out, the Fingbox uses ARP spoofing to get access to network traffic and this was [... long boring explanation deleted ...] so with the spurious entry removed it's all working now.

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After 11 years Flukso V02 gave it up (2 of the 5 leds are still burning.
I repared the (internal) broken antenna, later on I reset the Flukso-device to factory defaults..... Finished...
I bought a Shelly 3EM + 3 EM's (magnets) + Home Assist to replace the Flukso.
Advantages: Integrate now my solar panels.
Same price as Flukso ten years ago.
Disadvantage: lost water meter connection. (Belgium). I am looking for an interface .