Is the FLS02-F2 suitable for the Schlumberger G4 2001 gasmeter ?

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The cavity looks rather narrow for a sensor with wire at the side; but as the FLS02-F2 is "just" a reed switch, you may try with any type fitting into the space underneath the counter rolls; prior to that check with a compass or any other "magnet detector" if there really is a magnet on the second red roll; if there is none but a mirror on the 0 or 6 then you need to supply an optic sensor - check the forum for similar discussions using your favorite search engine with search term gasmeter...

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Okay Thanks !!

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I have the same meter, You can put the sensor for the water meter in it from the fluksoshop. You just have to make sure the sensor is pressed against the top of the plastic, I did it with some tape ...

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that would be the FLS02-T1 sensor :-)