Flukso from another Flukso user


I have a Flukso V2B from another Flukso user who was not using it anymore.
Now I want to start with a "clean" device. But I have 2 issues.

1. Old data
When I attach the Flukso with the serial to my profile.
I still see his old data. Can somebody clean this up.

2. No sensors
I only see a electricity and gas sensor (smart-main)
I want to reconfigure the flukso to support 4 x Pulse sensor (4 x S0) or 4 x Pulse (3 x S0 + 1 x gas sensor)

Can somebody help me with the 2 issues.
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

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It's fixed by resetting the Flukso for 100 sec press on the toggle button :-)
Case can be closed