Flukso Kube will ever be offered for sale?

I'm just wondering if the Flukso Kube (and needed software) will ever come ' in the open' ? I saw the presentation at Fosdem in 2014, then I saw in March 2016 a picture of 20-odd cubes stacked up and the only one comment from @gebhardm, where it's clear he had at least one, exactly 1 year ago

On the hardware side I see that the FLK02 was finished (at least uploaded on GitHub) July 2015. I also see that the last commits for the FKL01 source code were end of September 2016.

What is the current status? What is still missing? Will this ever become a product we can buy in the Flukso shop?

I started looking into the HW and SW side, at least what's on GitHub.
The HW looks complete, apart from some small details (eg, the PTF fuse, what mA rating has it? The U7, what is that one? Solid-state relay? Type?). These are just 2 things I was looking in, to see if I could make it myself, if it never was going to surface.

But I have no clue in what state the Kube SW is. The integration into FLM firmware (I hope still in the FLM02B, the one I have), the self-registration etc.

I really like the idea of these small 'can-do-all cubes'. So I'm looking forward to some news :)


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To be correct: I have seen one in the wildlife, but actually don't have one either ;-) / :-/
I started to move over to ESP8266 (seems also to be "legacy" by now) which is also capable to easily send MQTT what suffices my requirements...