Flukso stopped reporting, globe led now not lit.

I have had my flukso working without problems for about 4-5 years.

Two days ago I noticed it had stopped reporting to PVoutput (this is via the flukso site). Checking my flukso site dashboard I see the data had stopped at 13:30 on the 20th Feb.

I checked the flukso unit and found the globe LED unlit. I can ping the IP address of the unit from my PC and can see it is online in the router. I checked my firewall and it isn't being blocked there so all appears to be ok at my end.

I then reconfigured the unit to but there was no change to it's status.

What am I missing ??

Cheers, Dennis

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Sorted the problem.
I was running a mini linux unit on the network running Pi-Hole ad-blocker. This somehow was the culprit.