Flukso a través de ethernet

Hi Bart

Is there any way to enable the ethernet port to send the measurements instead of the wireless network.


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Thanks for the answer, I'll try the patch.


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Is still still valid with the Fluksov2?
I've just received the email from Bart to mention the v2 is now available.
I'm very tempted, but as I do not want wifi at home, I'd like to make sure the Flukso v2 can be used over Ethernet without a problem.

Could someone confirm ?


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Hello Thomas,

The v2 can indeed be used in ethernet mode. See paragraphs 1.2 and 2.1.2 of the Fluksometer Manual [1]. The ethernet interface will then be configured into DHCP client. So you cannot connect it directly to your computer. You should instead connect it to a network with a DHCP server and discover the IP-address of your Fluksometer for accessing the local web interface.

[1]: http://www.flukso.net/files/flm02/manual.pdf