Flukso with Watts Clever clamps

Hi all

I've been using a watts clever for a little while and just purchased an FLM02B. I hooked up my existing clamps to the Flukso and the readings were present, although ~6 times higher than actual consumption (as compared to the Watts Clever). The current setting just sends the readings higher. The voltage is set to what it should be (Australia, 240) so I'm not sure what to do next. The clamp type I have is same as attached image, 25mm style.


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Well, the FLM's clamps have a specific impedance that matches the voltage divider at the internal analog-digital converter to bring its output into the correct measuring range. Simply spoken: You cannot attach any kind of clamp to the FLM but only such that meet the internal setup: current proportional voltage 0-5V, impedance 6k8 Ohms...

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Thanks for the reply. I'll check out the specifics on them.