Fourth curve to read totals

My unit is the FLM02A. I use 3 sensors configured for separate readings. Can I have a fourth curve on the dash page with the total reading of the 3 sensors?

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how do you have 3 sensors in? isnt just 2 sensor and 3 clamps

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@selmopt - you don't have to combine the three clamps; you can show they separately.

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Sorry, I shold name them clamps, not sensors. My source is monophasic. I use 3 clamps to read 3 separated circuits, each one with its circuit breaker in the eletric board. I get the graphic in the dash page showing 3 different colour curves from the 3 mentioned circuits. Very good. What I would like on top of this is an option to have a fourth curve to see the 3 readings added.
Thank you

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I'm also interested in a total curve. I have two curves for separate solar-inverters, a curve showing total would be nice. Then it's easy to compare with my total consumption.

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Upload the data to PVoutput. I use 2 Flukso’s with 2 inverters, 2 heat pumps, 1 heat pump boiler, E-boiler, total energie of our home, and dhw use.
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