Gas meter reed switch


i got my Flukso today :D yay ;)

it works well, just a question a have an actaris gas meter when i hold a reed switch in front of the red digits it the reed switch response to it.

But how to go from there Just hooking it up to Sensor #4 wont do the trick.
i guess that Sensor #4 port needs some sort of voltage how much ? or is there a better way to generate a "pulse" ?

best regards,

ps how do a delete a device? i accidentally typed in the wrong serial nr.

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Hi Joey,

1/ The two pulse ports of a FLM are compatible with an open-collector sensor output. The '+' of each pulse port is pulled up with a 20-30k resistor to the 5V rail on the sensor board. A pulse generates an interrupt in the microcontroller on a high-to-low transition, i.e. each time + and - are shorted. There's also a de-bouncing cap in parallel to the + and - inputs. In short, you should just be able to connect the reed switch to one of the pulse ports. Don't forget to enable it via the local sensor page. You should then be able to see each incoming 'pulse' via the syslog page [1].

2/ There's a recent, related forum post about reading out the Actaris, see [2].

3/ Removing devices from your account is still on the TODO list. Just send me a private message with the serial nr and I'll take care of it.


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Hi bart,

Thanks for your answer.
I switched the sensor type from gas to water and it immediately show the "gas" usage in the dash.

however with the type on gas, it wont show anything.

on this site in my account under tab Sensors i only got 3 sensors and that are the 3 phases.

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Hi SJoWie,

I started the Actaris G4 gas meter / reed topic Bart mentioned. What brand/type reed switch are you using? I read on a different forum someone used a switch originally used with a bike speedometer.

Please keep us posted about your progress, I've hooked up my Flukso today, just 3 phases, no gas or water yet.

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Hi Joey,

1/ I've added support for gas sensors to the Flukso charts and 'sensors' tab.
2/ I've also manually updated your gas sensor to the type 'gas' in the server DB for testing the code. You should modify this in the local sensor settings on the Fluksometer and synchronize with the server by saving the local sensor web page.

Should you notice any strange behaviour with the gas charts, please report back. I might have overlooked something.

Have fun!

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Hello Limpens,

for testing i used a simple door alarm switch:
one part is the magnet the other is the reed switch.

the center of the switch i pointed to the second right digit wheel
Here is a image of how i set it up temporarily:

I thought it was an actaris meter i was wrong the gas pressure regulator is actaris. the meter itself is schlumberger. However most meters do have a magnet in the second right digit wheel.

Hi Bart,

before i changed it i checked the gas tab with the usage value`s (a bit high;) 1800liters per pulse) After setting the flukso meter back from water to gas the graph disappeared (the tab stays)

i do see the graph, only the metered values are verry high.

L/Day to L/Min OOPS
Works perfect now ;)

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Hoe heb je Hall effect switch aangesloten op de pulsingang?
Heb je hier dan 2 pulsingangen voor nodig?

hall effect switch heeft de volgende aansluitmogelijkeden:

VDD (supply) GND en Vout wat sluit jij daar dan op aan?