gas probe for meter dresser NPL12

I have a Dresser gas meter of type NPL12.

The data sheet of this meter can be found here

There is on this meter a connection for remote reading with LF pulse emitter.
Is there any chance of being able to use the gas probe with it? Any alternative solution?

Thanks for your help.


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Can you make better pictures of the black cap on your meter?

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here are 2 pictures of my meter:
first one here with the black cap on. no connector visible

Second one here with the black cap removed. just en empty space for ? magnetic sensor?

Thanks for your help

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If there is a magnet built in (neither spec nor type sign give an Indikation on that) test it with a compass...

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is there in the gap transparent plastic to see the counter/reflective surface ? if not ---> magnet readout

if there is some reflective part it can be optical or magnetical.

or test it with a compas

- We should make a wiki for types of gasmeters ....

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I also see a gear on the back of the gap,

if the meter turns do you see something change ? reflective of metal part in it like a magnet ?

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Looks like the cavity in the enclosure is made mounting a Reed switch. Please test on a running meter with a compass near the cavity as indicated by gebhardm. If the compass deflects at least once for a full rotation of the last digit then a Reed contact like the FLS02-F1 can be used.

@on3ptz You're right about the need for a compatibility matrix.

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I did the test with a compass, and indeed the compass needle is deviated each time the wheel makes one turn. It is even possible to see (or to guess) the magnet on the wheel.
Here is a picture of it.
I guess then a reed switch will work. I will try and report.