Gas probe wire extension ?


I just started considering buying a Flukso installation. I'm very noob to all this stuff, but I would like to see what my consumption of Electricity, Water and Gas is.

So after watching some cool youtube stuff and reading up on the forums I went to the shop.
I've one question (for now :-) ) related to the gas clamp. My gas meter is approx. 10 meters away from the place where I need to install my Fluksometer. There is 2m wire attached to the gas clamp. Now, is it safe to extend this to a length of 10m ? Would that influence measurement accuracy ? Do I need to use a specif type of wire too extend ?


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Any two-wire or twisted pair cable will do as 10m are "not the world"; actually the gasprobe is just a reed switch... - you may search the forum, as you may imagine there were corresponding questions quite a lot, with your favorite search engine and search term <your search term>

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Nota bene: Reed switches require magnets to close; thus, check if your water and gas meter supply such; there are a lot of meters out there that don't have a magnet built in on one of the counter roles; thus, check with a compass first (and if the meter labels indicate "pulses")...

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Thanks for the quick feedback. I guess I'll have to learn to use the search function in the forum better.
From the pictures I've seen my meters should be compatible with the reed-switches. They are common, recent types of meters and I've seen pictures of probes installed on the exact same meters I have. So, I'm confident.
I ordered what I want in the meantime (from Belgium).
As I'm eager to try-out ... what is the average shipping time ?