Gas sensor stopped working

I have old Flukso v2 with Gas and electricity sensors
Gas sensor was working for years but now gives problems. First I stop getting any reading ( at the same time was no issue with electricity readings) . When I tested it with magnet and rebooted device . It worked for 2 days , not now stopped working and reboot doesn't help anymore . Sensor is reacting on magnet but not on gas meter.
Any advise on how to troubleshoot ? what could be an issue ? Is it a sensor ? Flukso ? cold temperature :)
Any suggestion is highly appreciated

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Is the gas sensor reading values when you put a magnet on and off , if yes, than the problem is not the Flukso.
It is possible that the magnet in de gasmeter is got weaken over time. Can you put the sensor in a different position ? Have you perhaps loose reed-contact to test with ?
With some smartphone you can test the magnet inside de gasmeter.

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I'm having the same issue since a few days. After reinstalling the sensor, it worked for a few days but now there are no more readings.
How do you test with a magnet?

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The FLS02-F2 switch is triggered by a magnetic field. So by holding a magnet near/far you can repeatedly trigger the sensor as a test. Make sure to mount the FLS02 as close as possible to the last digit of the gas meter. This will subject the probe to a stronger magnetic field and create a bigger trigger window.