Hi all,

I am the proud owner of a Flukso since a few weeks. Metering electricity is no problem. Everything works fine!

But... I would like to graph my gas use as well. I tried a 'Hall effect' sensor and a reed switch on my meter but that wasn's very succesfull. A magnet doesn't seem to be present in the meter. (It's a Romback G4 RF1)

So I want to fall back on the optical solution. I bought a CNY70 opto reflective sensor. Now, the big question to me is: 'How can I connect is to my Flukso'. Can anyone help me?


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Hi on3ptz,

Thanks for the info! Do you know where to place the sensor? I tried some positions, but dit not find a correct pulse.

Do you have some suggestions for a sensitive reed contact?

Thanks again,


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Hi Alexander,

If I were you, I would try calling your local gas company first.

I had the same problem, and I succeeded with that :)

The most difficult thing is to find someone who knows what your're talking about. Quite often, the department that deals with business customers knows more. Just tell them you need pulses from your meter, for building automation.

In my case, they gave me a ready-made reed contact that can be clipped onto the meter - for free! (In fact, they even changed the whole meter first, since the old one built in 1978 was not ready for a reed contact)

The wires from the sensor can be connected directly to one of the S0 inputs of Flukso.

Alternatively, you can try contacting the meter's manufacturer. Such a reed contact extension may only cost 20 EUR ...

I you can, use the magnetic (reed) solution. Optical is less reliable and/or more expensive for gas meters, at least that's what I found out.