Globe led is not blinking

Hi everyone,
Since yesterday noon is my FLM03 out of order, he is seven months old, the globe led is not blinking anymore and the chart stopped.
I tried to reset the FLM for 5 second and then for 20 seconds but no way it's always the same, no globe led blinking. All other leds are ok.
What other things can i do ?
Thanks in advance for the replies ;-)

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Haven't looked at the device but my graph has stopped too.

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Same problem here. Last read 29/06 11:30.
Globe led is off. Network led (wired) is on. Heartbeat is normal. The Devices tab in the Dashboard settings also shows the last heartbeat 15 minutes ago. FLMlocal is working fine.

I have restarted router and modem twice already. Disconnected and rebooted FLM03 twice. Still no Globe led and no chart updates in dash...

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I think then that the problem by Flukso itself is, we can't connect to the Flukso server.
It's weekend, maybe is it ok by monday

See in the manual : "Globe
After the Fluksometer has finished its boot sequence, the globe LED will be on when it can connect to the Flukso server via MQTT/SSL."

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my FLM03 stopped reporting 2019-06-29 1930AEST, but my FLM02 continued to report... weird?

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I am also experiencing the same symptons as reported by others above.

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Still off.....

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My FLM03 started back today on 10.00 o'clock Brussels time

Thank you Fluksoman ;-)

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Can confirm the above. FLM2 had no issues, FLM3 was not showing chart updates during the weekend. But now everything is back online.

Maybe time to deploy that local server....

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Since yesterday 9 july 19:25 is the globe led back out of service, no chart of the sunpanels en electricity consumption.
So Petur said, it's maybe a good solution to have the possibility to have a local server

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10 july since 9:15 it's back on track :-)

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I was talking about actually doing that, not about wanting the possibility. Because the code is out there: :)

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Mine's been offline since lunchtime yesterday :(

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Hmm, might have been a routing issue with my ISP, apologies.

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I only now discovered that my flm stopped reporting on june 20th. Last 'heartbeat' reportedly was then, but it seams to be online? Any ideas on how I can get it back up and alive?