grid:camp follows elektro:camp

To all tinkerers and energy hackers there was another opportunity for a meet-up. Thanks to Roel, from Brussels 3E and the opengrid initiative, we took two days to discuss energy management, its visualization and some more topics. I wrote up a brief summary at - Bart here also showed the new FLM03E and a kube in the wildlife (there are actually some deployments already). So, this as an appetizer to all Fluksonians out there...
(this put into the dev corner as being a starting point for surely new developments)

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That moment you discover you just missed a great event just 1h hour from home...
Thanks for the feedback !

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Well, advertisement was not too obvious; we'll seek to change that in the future, hopefully :-)

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I still owe you a beer, Markus, so I'll make sure to settle my debt properly at the next event! :-)

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The next event is planned for October 2016 - grid:camp(<<2016.10>>); stay tuned for an advertisement on final setting...

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One day to go... If you not yet decided to come, make your mind up and join!

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Hear, hear!

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The elektro:camp again was a great success, even though we were just a small, but fine group of people. Many thanks to Justin for organizing and all participants for a great set of presentations and discussions. See for topics addressed - next time, be there or be (square)...

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Did Bart said anything about the ETA of the long waited FLM03E ?