Guard Flukso lost access.

I have 2 older Android phones . Each one has Guard Flukso app installed .
This allows me to see live Consumption on one phone and live Solar output on the other in graph and numerical formats.
I have them on a shelf in my kitchen for real live data.
To function they just need the sensor number for each feed entered.
For the last couple of days they cant see the live data?
I have checked the sensors on this site and entered in the phones, both still the same.

Question. Has there been any changes in the way access is available to this program over the last couple of days?

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i tried setting that up only last week and put in the sensor it worked for a few minutes then just stopped working.
i haven't looked at it again.

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Ive had it going for a couple of years with no issues, very handy to instantly see Consumption and Solar output.
Cazzle uses the display to see if its ok to put on dishwasher etc :)
Will play around some more to see if I can get them going again.

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Got them working again.
After the site outage last week my records show the Flukso took another ip addy?
Strange as I have an ip and mac allocated in my Router for it .
It took 3 attempts at rebooting before it took it back again.
Guard Flukso now working a treat.. again :)
Worth the effort.