hours of the night

I was wondering which hours are counted as night in the dashboard. Do you average the hours from 0 to 6 for example and count those as night?

I am trying to see if I can reduce the always on power use somewhat, but since I turned off some devices the night usage has gone up a little, so I was wondering if you count the making of coffee in the morning as night usage or something like that.

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The data points on the night chart are calculated by averaging energy usage between 2AM and 5AM local time. We have to make the interval long enough to average out intermittent power users (e.g. fridges) but short enough so that in most occurrences the house will be at rest.

When your fridge has a consumption pattern similar to my old fridge, with 2-hours on on/off times, then the tree-hour night interval will not average over multiple cooling cycles. This might be one explanation why you are observing counter-intuitive night readings.