How many clamps does the FLukso v2 support

Currently my Fluksometer v2b is gathering data from 3 current clamps, 1 gas clamp and 1 water clamp. I'd like to add more power clamps, there seem to be a free slot on the Fluksometer interface (black latch on the side), but I'm not sure the software supports it.

So before I dive in the software, I thought I'd just ask around first :-)

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The spare terminal is the P1-port (v2b) respective the RS485-port (v2a) - as the FLM spec was with the shop entry:
v2a: 3 clamps, 2 pulse, 1 rs485 (unused)
v2b: 3(1) clamps, 2(4) pulse, 1 P1
To add more clamps you actually have to get another FLM (or use a tricky extension - - which won't help as you already occupied your pulse inputs)

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If you're measuring 3 phases, you could just as well replace the 3 clamps by a single DIN rail meter.
That way you would feed a single port and get 2 ports free for other measurements.