Installation problems

Hi peoples,

I bought a unit from David Rowe who got it to me quickly . So quickly that it seems you dont have instructions on how to get this thing to work!

1. Where are the installation instructions and videos that are suppose to be on the website? I can't find them. The link only gives the same info on the box.

2. Account. I created a new account on the website but after that the instructions ended and I was stumbling blind. I added a device to my account and used the s/n off the box, not sure if this was the right number. The email sent when you create the account should guide the users as to what they are to do next.

3. What does the switch on the side of the unit do? AP/Router/Client ? What setting should it be on for it to work as normal?

4. What do all the lights mean? Power is obvious but two up arrows? WiFi- what does it mean when it is on vs flashing?

5. When you can't connect to the device via ethernet what does this mean? My computer no longer can access the device.

6. Reset. When all else fails reset. But do I hold it down for 5 seconds or press once? It made no difference to my unit- I still can no longer connect to it with ethernet and I still can't see my data on the website



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Hi Andrew,

1. You can register a Flukso account via Next add your Fluksometer's serial ID to this account via the 'my account' -> 'devices' tab.

Please read for properly connecting the clamps to your Fluksometer. When positioning the mouse over the pictures, helpful annotations will be shown. For a 1-phase Fluksometer, the clamps should be connected to ports 1(+)/2(-).

We are still fine tuning the self-registration and installation process. Hence the lack of an accompanying video.

3. The switch function is currently disabled. We put it into 'Client' by default as the Fluksometer works in wifi client mode.

4. From left to right: power, ethernet and wifi. The ethernet LED will light when a device is properly connected to the ethernet port. A slow-blinking wifi LED (3 secs off, 1 sec on) indicates that your Fluksometer has successfully associated with the wifi network. You will need to access the local web-based configuration interface first via to enter your wifi parameters.

5. The Fluksometer has a DHCP server running on the ethernet port (network So connecting it to your laptop's ethernet port should just work.

Note that this should be a direct connection, no ethernet switch should sit in between the Fluksometer and your computer as two DHCP servers on a single LAN will cause confusion.

Please also wait for the Fluksometer to properly boot. One to two minutes should be just fine. The Fluksometer's wifi LED will blink fast (1 sec on, 1 sec off) when it's up and running.

6. The reset button performs a network configuration reset for now, not a full reset. Power-cycle the Fluksometer for a full reset.


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Thx Bart.. Sorry if I sounded disappointed; I'm just excited that someone has come up with a device like this so was frustrated that it didn't work straight away! I'll try again when I next get a chance.

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It's now up and running and I've logged my first squiggle.

After a slow power cycle I could finally log in to the meter via the Ethernet cable and get it configured and working.