Longer history for minute tab

One nice feature to have would be a longer history when looking at the minute tab. Values could be buffered in the page, so I could see the minute values for more than the last 90 seconds or so. No need to buffer in the Flukso, I don't think. If I navigate away from the minute tab, the values can be thrown away so, when I come back, I have to wait for the history to build up again in real time. But it would be cool for experimenting with various devices to see how much difference it makes to "turn off this or turn off that."


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Thanks for that, Gebhard!

To be honest, even though I'm a programmer and could do this, to me, the Flukso really is an appliance. I didn't get it to hack on it, but so I would have a decent way to monitor my consumption. So, I'd still suggest that this feature could be added to the normal release. That way, everyone benefits.



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If you had longer history on the minute tab, a cool feature would be a Net Consumption Graph, when exporting its green, and when importing it turns red while still displaying positive and negative values on the vertical axis.

Would end up with a very cool looking graph that is easy to educate everyone about saving energy, beginners and children included.

Net graph options on other tabs too may be useful.