Minute graphing gone?

I just noticed ntoday that the minute graphing option on the dashboard is gone - it is still in the page source but commented out by the looks of it.
Is this permanent? this was one of the best features - instantaneous usage is a cornerstone of any energy monitoring system!
I hope it is just me and it isn't really gone...

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No, It's gone.

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I assume that this is just a temporary condition to bring the user interface with this respect to the next level, utilizing the given MQTT capabilities; if not, well, ...
I would highly appreciate if icarus75 explains and informs on such measures beforehand...

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Uhm, so it wasn't just me.

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No.. me too.

I use minute a lot to check different appliance, plug packs air con, tv's etc.
Come on Icarus .. how about some info for the members/purchasers of the units?


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Luckily GEBHARDM's script still works for the minute data :)

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It's also still there on the mobile version of the page - I can still select it on my iPhone on Safari but it doesn't work cause the browser won't load data from 2 sources (at least I think that's why it doesn't work - it never has)

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Yes, yes. Marks's panel representation makes it possible to visualise minute changes from LEDs, an audio amp or router etc. etc.

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I have noticed that on my android tablet, the minute option is there in portrait mode but not in landscape - when you turn the tablet 90 degrees to portrait the selector buttons turn into a dropdown box that still has the minute function.

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Even though the minute button isn't there, navigating to https://www.flukso.net/dash#electricity/minute actually displays the minute graph .. I found this by mistake by clicking on an old bookmark that I have

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Above link Doesn't work for me :(

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Did you try Chrome Bazzle? Works fine for me on a Mac and PC?

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I've re-enabled minute graphing on the dash. We will switch to a new method for minute graphing in the future. The current method will not work with the Fluksometer v3.

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@icarus75 thanks for the info, will the new method get rid of the mixed-content warning?

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Is this new method already implemented? Just installed my FLM03 but still get the call back error. Can you refer me to the right topic to solve this (if already present)? Thanks!

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It seems that the minute graphing is gone again ...Is there at reason for it ?

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On the Flukso v2, the minute graph still works here with Firefox.