Minute readings - how to make work on phone browsers: eg Chrome, Dolphin

I used to be able to walk around the house turning devices on/off and watching my phones browser (Dolphin on Android) of the minute readings on flukso web site. No longer works - I guess updated versions of the browser have a default of stop "unsafe scripts".

On the desktop versions it is quite simple to get it load the minute readings over http, even though the rest of the site is https: enable unsafe scripts. Eg in Chrome on my Surface Pro 3 I click the little shield at the end of the url bar and click "allow unsafe scipts".

Does anyone know the equivalent of telling the browser to allow unsafe scripts in phone versions of browsers such as Chrome or Dolphin?


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No luck in Chrome, but with Firefox it works as on the desktop (tested on Google Nexus 7)

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An alternative for using an android browers, is using the free/open source FluksoViz app, or a payed app (also mentioned elsewhere on the forum)

FluksoViz worked like a charm (in local mode) the last time i tested.

* Source code is on https://github.com/jrbenito/FluksoViz
* An apk (android installation file) can be found at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11717494/FluksoViz.apk
Just download it to your phone and run, this will install an app.
In local mode, you can see electricity consumption for every second.

Full info on the app (developed quite a while ago , ~2011) can be found in this topic: https://www.flukso.net/content/android-flukso-viz-alpha-release?page=5

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... and if you are no coward (sorry, politically correct: if you are a maker and eager to do something yourself) then you may use https://github.com/gebhardm/flmlocal to alter you FLM to display gauges, a panel, and a graph completely without internet connection; on firmware v244+ you may also get local charting on persisted information - so you don't have to run around the house...

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Thanks all. I installed the fluksoViz apk. It is working well.

Will definitely have a look at upgrading the firmware of my flukso device to get the persistant storage and gauges.

Thanks again,