Monitoring each section?

Is it possible to monitor each individual brake in my main breaker box?
I would like to monitor how much electricity each section is drawing.

Braker 1 15A - Bedroom 1 + Guest Bathroom.
Braker 2 15A - Office + Laundry Room.

I know I can monitor the main phase coming in to the house 120v/240v but would like to also monitor each individual breaker :)


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It is possible to put a current clamp (or a power meter) on each breaker/section; but be aware that there are actually "just" three clamp and two pulse options on one FLM which serve as "channels for distinction"; so the more sections you have, the more FLMs you would need to distinguish the actual sections...

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Ik think there is no need to monitor individual circuits, when you look at the total power consumption you can perfectly see what is using the power ... based on the power usage of that equipment.

the first time you can check it by switching a breaker off, or by switching the equipment off.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand now.


Not an option :)
Is not that simple... I cant tell my boss that for a day I wont be online for work... The idea behind all this is to minimize consumption base on usage on each section. I also intend to expense the company I work for the electrical usage of all the appliances I have to run for work.

I think 3 FLM would do the job.
Thank You all!

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If I understand you right, you want to get the actual consumption in your study. Would it then be convenient to use a "well-defined" power distribution in the office room for which you actually want to measure the consumed power? That would mean that there is a current clamp only on those power plugs that you actually use for office purposes. That might make you need only one FLM in the study (and one for total consumption in your household). What accuracy is needed? If you want to charge, it might be necessary that you use calibrated power meters in the first place; the FLM is more the quantification type of power meter as it measures the current from the clamps and multiplies it by the average voltage to gain the power consumed; this does not distinguish between real and reactive power... - so for charging purposes you might need to understand the legal requirements also... (but I don't want to hinder you buying FLMs, of course :-))
Just another two cents...
Best regards