New installation & some questions


I've done a fresh installation, currently only AmpClamps (or how are they called :) ).
I currently don't have an UTP cable near my fusebox. I have configured my device using the the LAN>PC connection. It seems the configuration is ok (selected 3phase + N), added name to each port.

My device is online (status according to flukso page):
Last HB: 09 Apr 2021 13:00:04
Uptime: 0d 0h
(time of writing is 13:38)

Looking at the sensors I get this: No sensors available.
Is this normal? How can I solve this?

This is one of the questions. The second one is:
Currently my box is connected to the internal Wifi network (10.x range). When I need to connect to the LAN port, I get 192.168.255.x. However, I don't see any possibility to remote connect to http://10.x.x.x.

Is it possible to control/read out data via Wifi? If not, how do I change the LAN interface to be DHCP enabled?

Sorry if this question was already posted, but I don't find a search function in the forum...

Thanks already,

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Hi Gebhardm,

yes I followed it, and it seems it took almost 24h before my stats started arriving, so that issue is solved.
I'll take a look into the data reading next.