Newbie problems on first startup

My first startup of a Fluksometer FLM02B and I have stuffed it!

OK here's where I am at: plug in power to the meter. After a while it settles down to the following state:
heart+power lights ON for about 3 secs ... globe+heart+power lights ON briefly ... all lights OFF briefly .. & then repeats this cycle.

While in this state I used a paper clip to push in the toggle button for 2 minutes. (I feel a positive click of the button.) No change in lights during or after toggle button pressed. I disconnect power for 30 secs and reconnect. The above is repeated.

If I plug an Ethernet cable in (connected to PC) the cycle changes to: heart+power lights ON for about 3 secs ... power light on briefly ... & repeats.

Anyone help please !!!!

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Why did you toggle a factory reset on a new FLM? If you power up your FLM, connecting it by ethernet cable to your PC directly (as described in, are you able to connect to the configuration interface? Go step be step along the described install procedure and don't mix up different options...

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I did a factory reset as it didn't appear to connect to wireless.

Anyway seems to be working now with wireless. Is there anyway of getting back to the configuration page once setup without having to plug into the Ethernet port?

Many thanks!

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Just call the DHCP's assigned address; we aware that when connected on wireless only you have to open the firewall for this...
Help yourself querying this forum with your preferred search engine and the search term <searchterm>, for example
Read through the forum, there by now every possible question should have been answered...

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Thank you for your help gebhardm.

If I may ask 2 final questions:

1. To change the firewall I understand I have to use shell access or telnet to the Flukso. I use a Windows PC. I have tried looking on the forum but could you point me to concise instructions on how to gain shell access please.

2. I plan to ultimately connect the Flukso via Ethernet rather than use wireless. To do this I understand I need to press the toggle switch for 2-5 seconds. Do I connect the Ethernet cable before or after I switch from wireless or maybe it doesn't matter?

Many thanks again for your help.