Newbie setup , possible improvements

Love the device, finally getting a grip on my power and gas consumption. But there are a few things I think that can be improved:

- The webinterface shows all kind of settings, but I can not find where to change (for example) the reporting mode mentioned in paragraph 2.1.2 of the manual. To me, it looks like the manual is for another version of the Fluksometer, it also mentions a pushbutton I don't have. I have a Fluksometer v2b (FLM02b).

- The device reports back to in minute intervals, but when I get the data local, I can only get the readings per second. For a complete minute I have to ask twice, twenty seconds apart. Why doen't the Fluksometer report per minute local ? It's supposed to cache some data for when the internet connection fails, the data should be there.
if I now want to have the minute-data there are two choices:
- grab the data from, retention two days
- grab the data per second local, and calculate the minute data myself

- The forum contains a treasure of information. Perhaps the most valuable parts can be put in a Wiki. That way you provide some way of authority.

- My home is equipped with a Dutch Smart meter with a P1 connector, and my Fluksometer v2b came with a cable. The product page in the shop tells you how to connect te cable, but is just the other way around, as mentioned in the forum.

- Somehow when you connect a Smart meter you don't have to configure the sensors. I'm not sure wheter you have to save that configuration, it works flawless now. This took me a few tries.

- Retreiving data from requires a token, a specific token per senor or a account-level token. Where do I find that account level token ?

- Retreiving data from works fine, perhaps you could mention the retention time of each resolution. That is mentioned somewhere in the forums.