no connection to

(no, no basic question about how to set a client IP ;)

Had a bricked Flukso v2 with a broken power supply. The power supply is replaced, and the flukso boots again. However, it is not responding on IP.

Fully simular case as

1/ wifi off
2/ eth on
3/ globe on
4/ heartbeat on
5/ power on

Successfully flashed the flukso according to the procedure mentioned above. Flash succeeds (from windows, run as administrator, reboot flukso, finds the correct arp requests and can flash it completely). Last step is "rebooting the device". Waited 10 minutes after that.

After the 10 minutes, I cannot connect to (pc has, direct connection). To make it more special, when capturing the network traffic on this NIC, and filtering on the wired mac of the Flukso, i notice it sends out arp request for itself, but no response.

Frame: Number = 1008, Captured Frame Length = 60, MediaType = ETHERNET
+ Ethernet: Etype = ARP,DestinationAddress:[FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF],SourceAddress:[A8-40-41-00-1F-49]
- Arp: Request, asks for
HardwareType: Ethernet
ProtocolType: Internet IP (IPv4)
HardwareAddressLen: 6 (0x6)
ProtocolAddressLen: 4 (0x4)
OpCode: Request, 1(0x1)
SendersMacAddress: A8-40-41-00-1F-49 <- mac of the wired interface of the flukso
TargetMacAddress: 00-00-00-00-00-00

From what I see, I would say that the flukso can load network L2, but not layer3.

The reset in the manual (30-60 sec or 60-120 sec) is not working either, as this requires the globe led to flash.

Any hints how I can reanimate this device?