No Dash on the web page

Hi there ,

I have successfully installed flukso a week ago, i didn't had no problems, it looks like today, when I go on the dash web page, the graphic doesn't appear, only white page.
what could be the problem?
Thanks for support

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I see the same, so it is a server side issue... will probably be back online soon

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Since today i have discovered the same issue.

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same here

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I want my leap second back! Now seriously, I can ping the so the server is live. We have to wait for another couple of hours ...

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It's back online.

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Thanks for reporting the issue. When adding new columns to a mysql table, the field list in a specific query became ambiguous. That query is used to fetch all required information for rendering the dash. Since mysql refused to execute the query due to the ambiguity, the HTTP calls in the dash returned a 500. Should be fixed now.

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And not one beat missed. Great!

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new columns = new features?

*dreams* :)

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up and running here :-)