No data is send to flukso server


I've just installed my Flukso.
It looks like it is running ok.

The only problem is that I do not see any data going to the flukso server.
I've a strange error:
Jan 14 17:45:10 flukso-452908 daemon.err tmpod[10377]: /usr/sbin/tmpod.lua:233: attempt to call a nil value
and a flukso heartbeat post message:
Jan 14 18:00:21 flukso-452908 heartbeat[10506]: POST 200

but no sensor data going to flukso.
Although I see all meters appear in my mqtt list.

See mqtt and system log attached.

Any help is welcome.


mqtt - Kasper.txt1.4 MB
system log - Kasper.txt15.92 KB
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No, your syslog does not look well... It should look somehow like this:

Jan 15 06:15:01 flukso-xxxxxx crond[1035]: crond: USER root pid 5572 cmd /usr/bin/fcheck
Jan 15 06:30:01 flukso-xxxxxx crond[1035]: crond: USER root pid 5621 cmd /usr/bin/fcheck
Jan 15 06:45:01 flukso-xxxxxx crond[1035]: crond: USER root pid 5666 cmd /usr/bin/fcheck
Jan 15 07:00:01 flukso-xxxxxx crond[1035]: crond: USER root pid 5711 cmd /usr/bin/heartbeat 0
Jan 15 07:00:01 flukso-xxxxxx crond[1035]: crond: USER root pid 5712 cmd /usr/bin/fcheck
Jan 15 07:00:02 flukso-xxxxxx heartbeat[5713]: POST"device_id": 200

Try to power-cycle/reboot your Fluksometer once; maybe then the hickup is gone; apart from that @icarus75 has to have a look.

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Thank you for the quick response!
I rebooted the device (unplugged the device to be honest.. no power button and login for ssh not working) AND I connected the data cable (ethernet) from the switch (my own LAN - behind a second router) to the modem directly.. don't know what thit the trick, but data is uploaded..

cannot login in ssh with login: root@ and pwd: root
login and/or pwd incorrect..

Best regards,

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What (W)LAN-connector did you use to connect? With the two ports it is a little bit tricky; the is "just" for the initial setup and direct connect; see the MD-files in where I documented my experiences.

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WAN to router
LAN to laptop for initial setup.. but I was "monitoring" mqtt to figure out what was happening.

I seems ok. Just have to figure if my constants are ok when it's running for a while.
(water constant: 0.5 , gas constant: 10)