No power (only water pulses seem to work)

I'm new here, and I have my flukso only a week or so.
The problem is that I don't see an electric chart on the dash. for water I get a chart.
I have a 3 phase installation with 100A clamps and 1 Water sensor.
This is what I see in the sensor table (sensor id and token made shorter) :
Sensor Token Type Function d4...ce electricity p1
ce...c9 ed...37 electricity smart-main
28...c7 bc...f1 gas smart-main
9a...a6 c6...ea water water
I only filled in the funstion P1 and Water into the device, I don't know whre the smart-main came from...

Any Idea?

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The electricity smart-main and gas smart-main are for Dutch smart-meters in mind.
If you have no such meter, do like you don't see them ;-)

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I live in Belgium and as far as I know, I don't have smart meters, also I don't have gas let alone that it would smart meter on it.

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Don't worry about the smart meter entries. They've been pre-populated in the FLM but will not interfere with your real readings on the dash.

No pulses are being registered on your P1 sensor. Here are some tips to get the current clamp setup working:
1/ Have you hooked up the current clamp to port 1 of the FLM? Double-check the wiring and the screw terminal connection.
2/ Is the clamp measuring current going through an individual conductor in the fuse box? If the clamp is wrapped around the entire cable you will get zero power and not see any readings appear on the dashboard.
3/ You can see instantaneous pulses being logged in the FLM's syslog at Right now you'll only notice the water sensor entries.

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I've been on holiday,
checked terminal connection an they are OK (Olm meter)
clamps are installed correctly (I have looked also to the arrow, all pointing to the electrical consumers)
Syslog shows only pulses from one sensor: the water meter,

BTW what kind of voltages should I measure on the clamps,

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Bridge 1a and 6a for a short while (couple of seconds). Then reload the syslog page to see whether there's a log for this sensor. Do the same with 2a and 3a.

Clamp output voltage should be between 0 and 5V.