No tmpo storage on internet blackout

Strange things happen. On Oct. 15 around 22:00 to Oct 16 around 09:00 internet went offline due to an issue with my cable provider. In this time span no tmpo data was transmitted to the flukso site. Interestingly also local tmpo registering stopped. I thought local storage was not affected by a loss of internet connectivity, yet it seems this is not true. Or may this be a matter of the DNS/DHCP server being affected as well? Shouldn't local storage work either locally or on
Questions over questions. At least an issue to take a closer look on.
This happened on my FLM2 as my FLM3 is currently not in use due to restricted space on the switchboard.

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This will most likely be due to an incorrect time setting. As the FLM02 does not have an on-board RTC, it has to obtain time information from NTP. So probably an FLM02 reboot occurred when no internet access was available.